Eric and I get asked all the time about feeding and nutrition for our dogs and puppies.   Good nutrition is of utmost importance to us.    Although Olde English Bulldogges are bred to not have the allergy problems that the traditional bulldog may have, there are still some things to consider when feeding your dog/puppy.    We have, in the past, recommended and used Royal Canin.   We felt because it had a specific "bulldog formula", that it was the best formula for the breed.   But, we have still fought with food allergy problems.    We have researched and have found a new formula that we are very excited to introduce into our kennel, and would highly recommend it to you.    Signs and symptoms of food allergies sometimes come in the form of itching, sores between the toes, ridiculous shedding and coat problems, among other things.    And, despite the advertising to the contrary, all formulas and dog foods are not the same.    Just because it says "fresh", or "all natural" doesn't mean much.    Don't be deceived by the false advertising.    And don't think because it's expensive, it's the best.    That simply isn't always the case.      

We're excited to introduce Life's Abundance, made right here in Ohio, to our kennel and our customers.  Our mamas, pregnant and lactating, are on this.    Our puppies are on this and, we highly recommend that they go home on this food.     We feel what gives this food the advantage is the nutritional advantage it has over other foods.  What is says it has in it... is simply what's in it!     

I love this testimonial from another bullie breeder:   This says it all!  

"I have been trying LA for 6 months and I have to say we freaking LOVE this food!! As a breeder we have tried LOTS of food over the years, with Olde English Bulldogges they still have some allergies and issues similar to English Bulldogs... and NOT a single one of my dogs has had a single negative reaction to this food!!  Weaning puppies: Had solid poops from the beginning, no messy lose stools for new puppy buyers to make potty training unpleasant.  More energy in my slothful/ couch potatoes... but calmer energy in my more hyper younger dogs. It seems to have enough minerals to create BALANCE in them.  All pasterns on ALL of my dogs are good and straight: This is my hugest requirement on dog food. This shows that the food is high in Vitamin c and Magnesium to support the adrenals. And also shows that the food has GOOD quality protein.. poor quality protein stresses the kidneys and adrenals and is hard to digest, this quickly depletes the adrenals of Vitamin c and magnesium... and leads to kidney failure!! and LOTS of breeding problems during whelping etc (easiest way to tell if dog food has garbage for protein, is if the pasterns are sagging on the dog).  The last few deliveries went smoother and quicker than normal, mama had very little blood loss, very quick recovery, lots of energy, high appetite afterwards, kept her weight on and stayed nice and thick and chunky, beautiful firm stools.Puppies were breathing great on their own immediately after birth, and vigorous nursers, mama made plenty of milk (which we usually have a lack in milk supp;y)... puppies get full and content and slept great from the beginning... So everything has been going FANTASTIC from a breeding standpoint.  So excited to share this with all my breeding friends and all the new breeders we are helping get established. We have finally found a dog food we LOVE!! and are actually excited to recommend it to our puppy buyers!!  "
Amanda Vital
Franklin Butte Bullies

Follow the links to get more information on these great products.    We will be requiring our puppy buyers to buy this food to take their puppy home with.   We will have some onsite for purchase, or you can set up your subscription today through the following links.     

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The cost to feed Life's Abundance to...
a 20lb dog is only $.54 cents per day
a 40lb dog is only $.94 cents per day​
​a 60lb dog is only $1.35 per day
a 80lb dog is only $1.63 per day
      (all costs include shipping!)


Life's Abundance receives top rated-reviews for nutritional excellence and is priced below other foods found in the "premium pet food" section of YOUR local pet store.

Avery's Acres is pleased to partner with Life's Abundance to give you the best nutritional support for your puppy and adult bulldogge!  Click on the image for more information. 

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