Contrary to what the name suggests the Olde English Bulldog is a very new breed when it comes to breeds. In the Early 1970s a Pennsylvania man named David Leavitt wanted to return the English Bulldog to their 1820s state. As mentioned above the English Bulldog has several common health issues developed from years of breeding. Leavitt wanted to return the breed to a healthier more athletic resemblance of their ancestors. Utilizing a technique developed for breeding cattle, the Olde English Bulldog was born. The breed is extremely strong and athletic, with strong personalities developed with the intent of being confident, obedient and self reliant. They make energetic loyal and entertaining pets.

​​​​​​​​Courageous, Loving, Friendly, Alert, Confident, Strong, Smart & Healthier  than the bulldog, or old english bulldog.... the Olde English Bulldogge. 

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