Avery's Acres Olde English Bulldogge Puppies

Breeders of quality olde english bulldogge puppies


Cooley's Zoey & Knightwinds Tux the Booty Bandit

Puppies' bloodline includes Cooley's, Knightwinds, What a Mug, Avery's Acres

Tux is son of What a Mug Oz Mad Russian

Puppies are Chocolate, Black & White,  Carry TriColor

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Bambi -  male MERLE 

DNA brown, blue & ticking


Snooki - Female Sable Tri   SOLD

Josie -  female  

DNA black, brown & tri  TICKING


Popeye's Boy - Pied brindle

DNA carries tri&blue


Lily - Blue Brindle Female


Polar Bear - MERLE Pied Sable

DNA  carries brown & blue

Howie - Male Reverse Brindle White


Gus -  MERLE  Male

DNA Carries Brown, Pied 

Very blue eyes

DAISY -  female

DNA carries blue/black

Born to Red Bull & Mack Daddy

August 15, 2017

​​Courageous, Loving, Friendly, Alert, Confident, Strong, Smart & Healthier  than the bulldog, or old english bulldog.... the Olde English Bulldogge!   

Menefee's Ally & Mack Daddy

Born August 17, 2017


Bailey -  MERLE  female

DNA Carries Blue&Brown, Pied

Rocky Balboa - MERLE Sable Male

DNA carries brown & blue

Sugar Female brindle